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LeadBring makes it easy to find, attract and engage with prospects on LinkedIn. Combined with a powerful dashboard, automating your LinkedIn profile has never been easier.
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ A few months ago I started LeadBring. At the time it was a lead generation/qualification service I was offering to companies. They would receive a done-for-you service and access to a powerful CRM. I managed to secure a couple of clients and eventually started experimenting with third party LinkedIn products to help automate some of the process. After burning through all of the available options, I had struggled to find something that was: πŸ‘Ά Simple to use πŸ’Έ Affordable πŸŽ‰ Had a decent free trial I began to brainstorm and soon decided I would cater to my own needs by building an extension that plugged into my existing CRM. Originally developed as a tool for private use, I soon realised (by browsing forums, LinkedIn and Twitter) that this was something others could use too. That realisation sparked a complete pivot for LeadBring. I sunsetted the old service and rebuilt the CRM from the ground up to accomodate the new extension. After almost three months of working solo on this project I'm finally ready to share LeadBring with you all today! It's still a little rough around the edges, but I'm working 24/7 to implement and fix whatever I can. You can leave any feature requests or bug reports here - feedback.leadbring.com. You can install LeadBring from leadbring.com or find it on the Google Chrome Web Store. It's $10 /month and new users start a trial with 50 free actions (if you ping me over Intercom and mention Product Hunt I'll give you some more). I'll be online all day to answer any questions you may have. Let's chat!
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Hey, actually the website is offline ☝️
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Great way to easily manage connections! Love the ability to structure and search profiles in the dashboard πŸ‘
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@lachlankirkwood thanks Lachlan! I'm really excited to see how people use the dashboard over the next couple of days.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out!
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@ayush_chandra thanks Ayush!
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Congrats @ryanheybourn ! Great work
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