B2B lead gen software with unlimited leads

Leadberry is a web based B2B lead generation software that converts website visitors to sales leads. Powered by Google Analytics. With Leadberry's brand new upgrades, unlimited leads, websites and users are available!

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@jankovits how does leadberry know if the visitor is a business owner? Does the visitor fill out a form?
@jesse0675 This is the point: Leadberry identifies companies visiting your website even if they don’t leave any trace behind. No forms need to be filled out and you still have a lead😊 It's also important that we only identify the company, never the exact person who visited your site. Identifying the exact person would meet serious technical and privacy issues, so this is what all B2B lead gen tools can and should do. The people data you can find in your leads are not displaying the person(s) visited. It's kinda hot tip to decision makers and/or social connections within the prospect company making it easier for you to start following up on your leads.

I am using Leadberry for the third month now. Leadberry's database is too limited in my opinion, and can only identify very limited visitors. If i remove the filter, they identify lot of visitors as the internet service provider (of the visitor). We had better results in using UTM codes to identify visitors from our cold emails/outreach programs. Can live without this tool.

I raised my concerns multiple times over their chat (i am a paying customer), but they never respond (a simple acknowledgement itself is missing).


Easy to setup and use. Gives an insight on some of the website visitors


Doesn't identify all the companies/leads (we use utm tags and have a better result in identifying visitors). Support doesn't respond