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Hi ProductHunt! Brian, co-founder of Leada here. We're recent UC Berkeley grads (go bears!) and have been working on Leada for over a year. We're excited to launch with the help of @ycombinator and our enterprise training solution on ProductHunt! What We Solve: Data pulls are too simple to be a two person task. For much work still inside data analytics, learning automation skills can be a huge pain killer. Our SQL Bootcamp and future enterprise courses are meant to fix this problem. Our Product: We started by working with universities helping professors teach R, Python, & SQL in their classroom in an industry applied way and we now want to train professionals in industry. Things To Check Out: The first lesson of every course is free to try. We also published a free eBook with interviews from industry veterans such as Hal Varian (Chief Economist at Google), Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google), Mike Olsen (Founder of Cloudera) and that can be downloaded here: https://www.teamleada.com/handbook Please tell us what you would like to see @leadahq. Thank you for any/all feedback. We're happy to answer any questions! :)
Shared with a few friends in the financial sector. I know they've been looking/asking for something like this! Let me know anyway I can help :)
@briancurliss Thanks for sharing! Feel free to let them email me directly brian@teamleada.com
Leada is in the S15 batch of YC. They do enterprise analytics training for business people (Sales / Ops / Finance), so they can be more autonomous in making data decisions and rely less on your analytics team. Leada's first product is a 2 week SQL Bootcamp.
As someone who has worked in the "bootcamp training" industry, data science is definitely a hot one that needs a solution! Just shared it with a couple friends looking to learn R and SQL :)
Already shared to a couple friends who are interested to become more technical/getting into this space. Right on guys. Go Bears!!!