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I first thought this was just a Twitter search, but fortunately it's a bit more sophisticated than that! LeadWagon is a tool that allows you to: . identify people who have previously shown an interest in your business, . filter these people according to criteria of your choice (popularity, activity, language spoken,...), . make searches easily using your smartphone or your tablet. I like that you can save the results of your search too.
@riaface Thanks for your comment. LeadWagon is at the beginning of its development, and a lot of new features are still coming like better filters or tweets analysis. I will also add the possibility to identify clients among the followers of a Twitter user...
Like the concept, but why did they have to go mobile and not with a web-based or desktop version ?
@tsunaze LeadWagon is a MVP (that's why is still in Beta version), and it's easier, faster and less expensive to create a product on Android than on the web ;) But if people like LeadWagon and the idea to find new clients for their business on Twitter, I will definitely create a web-based version.
@seb_boisard @tsunaze really -- it's cheaper & faster for you to prototype on mobile rather than web? first time i've ever heard that.
@nealrs To prototype on Android, all I need is Java (and a little bit of SQLite) and 25$ for a Google Play developer account, that's all. To prototype on web, you need CSS, HTML, Javascript, maybe JQuery and maybe PHP for the server, and you have to pay for a server, you need to configure a database and a webserver or configure AWS and etc. Yes, I prefer to develop on web rather than mobile, but it's faster and cheaper for ME to prototype on mobile ;))
@seb_boisard @tsunaze That's sort of a chicken-and-egg problem. Because its just on Android, you've limited the scope of people who will evaluate it and have to rely on anecdotal evidence to evaluate other platforms - which is why a web based solution for this sort of thing is the best, even if its just a bit harder to set up and code.
@lynnfredricks You are right. But sometimes, you have to make a choice. This time I chose the cheaper and faster solution.
Too bad they don't have web version :-/
Wow it’s my lucky day: LeadWagon is on ProductHunt!! @ProductHunt: thank you for choosing my app ;) LeadWagon uses the power of Twitter to help entrepreneurs find new clients for their products. For now, LeadWagon is still a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), with a lot of bugs (sorry), but the idea is there. And many new features are to come: more powerful filters, analysis of the tweets to identify Twitter users’ trends, possibility to identify prospects among Twitter power-users’ followers… As LeadWagon is the work of only one man (me), the speed, the simplicity and the cost of development first led to the creation of Android app. However, if LeadWagon is favorably received, I’ll make a web-based version for sure. So don’t hesitate to try LeadWagon (but please be lenient, I’m a beginner and it’s not easy when you’re on your own :) ) And of course, feel free to give me your thoughts about this new app. Thanks.
Unable to try this out. Does this basically make a list of Twitter users? Or does it give email addresses?