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Looks like having a "space" in your name converts better. 77 votes vs. 4! ;)
@jameswahba I was doing some next level AB PH testing :P
Oh! I don't like this at all. I love that Leadpages is hunted because it is a great product. I don't like that the system can be hacked with a "space"
@dredurr I did not mean to do that at all. I was just hunting landing pages for my idea and I'm based in Minneapolis. Was shocked Lead Pages hadn't been 'submitted'. I agree though, a space is too easy to hack. I ain't mad though. Lead Pages deserves some more rep :D, they only got 4 up votes last time?!!?!
@blainehatab very true! Leadpages does deserve more than 4 upvotes😀. Don't worry I'm not mad at you for hunting it again. Cool products deserve to get a remix every so often 👍
Lead Pages is an amazing company, based in Minneapolis (shoutout to the good ol' Midwest) that's growing amazingly quickly. Their product (building a landing page) is super easy to use, I highly recommend it. I've had the honor of meeting @ClayCollins and he's an immensely bright entrepreneur, and I look forward to seeing how Lead Pages continues to grow!
I'm pretty shocked that lead pages has never been hunted until today.
@dredurr It has. This duplicate is able to exist because it has a space in the name (which is not in the product name). Original: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Watch out for their deceptive free trial.