Lead Finder

Find any email from a company in seconds. free


  • Evan McDanielDirector of Technology, PJA Advertising

    SImple design


    Didn't work as expected

    I tried 3 Find an Email submissions. Two times it never returned a response - just kept spinning.

    The one time it returned a response I got 8 "verified" emails, 7 of which were not valid (i tried with my name and company so I know).

    Evan McDaniel has used this product for one day.
  • Steven Betitobusiness developer !

    Easy to use and free !


    nothing just amazing tool

    I have used this tool to try it and it's working really fast. i love it.

    Amazing service for free !

    Steven Betito has used this product for one day.


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rotem galHunter@gal_rotem · Marketing
Just found out Mark Zuckerberg email. Pretty neat :)
Joseph BenguiraMakerPro@angelius · Founder of AppDrag
@gal_rotem Hey Rotem, could you mark me as the maker? i would like to add screenshots and change the link to https://leadfinder.appdrag.com/
Graeme Fulton@graeme_fulton · Making Prototypr.io and emailOtter 🐭
nice, any plans for an API? or open sourcing?
Joseph BenguiraMakerPro@angelius · Founder of AppDrag
@graeme_fulton Hey, i'm the maker, plans are to add data enrichment features and batch processing (CSV), about an API why not with a reasonable free tier, will think about it :)
Sam Matrouh@samatrouh · Founder of Dunnnk
@angelius can you share how the service works on the backend? Is it possible to give it a domain URL and wild cards for first name and last name?
Joseph BenguiraMakerPro@angelius · Founder of AppDrag
@samatrouh Hey, the backend part is pretty simple, leadfinder connect to the destination SMTP server and ask if the email exist, 15 combinations are tried (first.last@domain.com, f.last@domain.com, ...) then, the algo also check if the SMTP is configured as a CATCH ALL, meaning it's not possible to detect if an email exist or not. I'm using AppDrag Cloud Backend to run this at scale using AWS infrastructure. About doing a wildcard search on a domain, i will think about it, but it can be a lot more efficient to find first list of employees names on linkedin
Joseph BenguiraMakerPro@angelius · Founder of AppDrag
FYI, we have just updated our backend, it's now able to detect emails in a lot more cases :)
M Dorsett@mdorsett · Writer on the hunt 24/7
Well I tried it and it did not work the way I expected. It didn't find the email for the person I wanted it to find, and so I tried myself, and it gave a verified email to me that does not exist. Great idea though!