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Just found out Mark Zuckerberg email. Pretty neat :)
@gal_rotem Hey Rotem, could you mark me as the maker? i would like to add screenshots and change the link to https://leadfinder.appdrag.com/
nice, any plans for an API? or open sourcing?
@graeme_fulton Hey, i'm the maker, plans are to add data enrichment features and batch processing (CSV), about an API why not with a reasonable free tier, will think about it :)

I have used this tool to try it and it's working really fast. i love it.

Amazing service for free !


Easy to use and free !


nothing just amazing tool

I tried 3 Find an Email submissions. Two times it never returned a response - just kept spinning.

The one time it returned a response I got 8 "verified" emails, 7 of which were not valid (i tried with my name and company so I know).


SImple design


Didn't work as expected

Hey Evan, i noticed your domain use symantec messagelabs which prevent our system to detect correctly if an email exist or not on your domain. We have updated our system and page to handle this correctly, thanks for letting us know. please try also with other domains not protected by symantec messagelabs ;)
@angelius can you share how the service works on the backend? Is it possible to give it a domain URL and wild cards for first name and last name?
@samatrouh Hey, the backend part is pretty simple, leadfinder connect to the destination SMTP server and ask if the email exist, 15 combinations are tried (first.last@domain.com, f.last@domain.com, ...) then, the algo also check if the SMTP is configured as a CATCH ALL, meaning it's not possible to detect if an email exist or not. I'm using AppDrag Cloud Backend to run this at scale using AWS infrastructure. About doing a wildcard search on a domain, i will think about it, but it can be a lot more efficient to find first list of employees names on linkedin