Bottle opener + beard comb + box cutter + pry tool

I'm so tired of beard combs that can't also pry open a can of paint. No longer!
@clarklab There's way too many people solving cancer. Amirite?
Thanks for the post Karl! We had a lot of fun designing and testing this tool. We really tried to make it visually appealing while maintaining the function. Any feedback is appreciated.
Check out this awesome multi tool called LE LOUP. Its a bottle opener, a beard comp, a box cutter and a pry tool. Are you serious? Yes, I am. Designed and manufactured in the great white North. Here is the Kickstarter campaign if you want to find out more about how you can support this project. Enjoy!
@karlclement That is one pretty specific customer you have there. If only it could open wine bottles...
@walterareid If this one is successful. This will be first item of the feature board for v2.