Modern web-app editor for writing lyrics

Lazyjot is an editor which was made specifically for writing lyrics. It visualises the rhyme structure, counts syllables for you, lets you annotate where the beat lands and has a multi-syllabic rhyme dictionary.
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Any plans on making this open source?
Hi @allwynpfr! I haven't thought too much about this, but it's a lovely idea! In general, developing on features like this for text editors is quite a bit of a pain, so it's something which could be worth sharing to alleviate the pain for others. Currently, I think the editor is somewhat of a special sauce for Lazyjot, but if the project ever gets enough momentum for it to not matter, or if the project comes to a grinding halt, then I'll try to share it in some way. Might be a bit naïve, but that's my look at it right now. :-)
Hi ProductHunt! I'm an amateur songwriter (mostly write rap & poetry), and there was certain things I really wanted to have in my digital notepad which Google Docs didn't have. One of those examples is to annotate where the "beat"/metre lands in my lyrics, as well as seeing the rhymes visually. I also wanted a rhyme dictionary to help with multi-syllabic imperfect rhymes. It's a web-app, so you can write both on PC and phone. There's no native app for the phone at the moment, but I think that might be a sweet addition in the future. At the bottom of, there's examples if you want to see how it looks and works. If you decide to use it or have feedback --- I'd love to hear it! Oh, and yes! There is a dark mode! :-)
Holy crap. This is super dope. I write rap, and run a blog about rap. This is exactly what I wanted to make. You crushed it! Can't wait to show my audience this tool, great job man!
@yycsocial Oh wow! Thanks a lot for the kind words Matt! Let me know if/when you decide to share it --- I'd love to just hop in the comments and give everyone a thread/mail they can reach out on if they encounter any issues!
I like the concept and after testing I have some feedback - where can I send it?
@liam_randall Hi Liam! Afraid I saw this right now --- not sure if you can PM here, but you can shoot it at:! Super appreciated :-)