Command line utility to automate daily git push operations

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o(^^Q)@niket · Time Travel Researcher
Awesome - will help me automate things I've been putting off from massive aliasing.
Mayank SaxenaMaker@mayank_saxena96 · Mayank Saxena Ltd
@niket thanks!
Mayank SaxenaMaker@mayank_saxena96 · Mayank Saxena Ltd
Hello, everybody! lazygit is a simple command line utility to automate the process of pushing code from local repository to remote repository. It is a very useful tool for personal projects. For beginners who want to get started with GitHub and have very little knowledge about how to; lazygit is the perfect solution. You need to remember only two commands for pushing code. 1) To setup GitHub username and GitHub repository name - lazygit new 2) To push code from local checkout directory to remote repository - lazygit It is that simple! Give it a try! Check it out at -