Lazy Surfer

Surf better waves with less effort

Lazy Surfer will remember the conditions that occur during your surf sessions, allowing you to compare those conditions against future conditions.
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3 Reviews5.0/5

Useful app, can't wait to add more sessions once we get some rideable waaves in SD!


Tells you when there's good (or bad) surf conditions


Add a 'Favorite Spots' option so you don't have to type in the name of the spot when you create a new session

Do you log every session into Lazy Surfer or just the good ones? If I log the not so hot sessions does it affect the over all score or outcome?
@adamwebber Thanks for the question! I log all my sessions so that, when I'm looking to go surf, I can rule out the spots that have bad sessions that match the current conditions at the spot. Long term I'd like to implement some functionality that will predict the rating you'd give a spot if you surfed it (given all your previous ratings+conditions at the spot). That prediction will be better the more data it has so that's another reason to log all sessions.
Also, what if I surfed this morning at 7am but logged the session in the evening... 7pm. It looks like you are capturing the data from the current time so my session details won’t be accurate.
@adamwebber Awesome question - supporting past sessions is the next feature on my list. Hopefully I'll have a basic version out in the next week or two. Stay tuned!
@adamwebber Hi Adam - you can now log past sessions on the Android version of the app. The iOS should have this feature by the end of the week. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Thanks!
@adamwebber iOS past sessions are now available!! Let me know what you think!
Awesome idea! Do you support surf spots in Australia?
@jgraydesign Unfortunately Lazy Surfer only supports NOAA buoys (which are mostly on the American coasts + Hawaii) at the moment - I'm trying to find some free Australian buoy data but haven't had any luck quite yet. If you know of any please let me know! Thanks!
Hi everyone! I'm a surfer/developer from San Diego, CA. I've always known that different surf spots are better under different wave, wind, and tide conditions but I've been too lazy to keep a journal or remember the conditions for the 5+ spots I regularly surf. So I developed Lazy Surfer to help with this problem - when you have a good surf session, add it to Lazy Surfer and it'll store the wave, wind, and tide information from the buoys nearest to you. It'll then alert you when the conditions are similar at those buoys, making the decision about where to surf an easy one! Lazy Surfer is very early in its life cycle so any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!