Lazy Jar

Meet your fitness goals by holding yourself accountable.

Lazy Jar uses your Fitbit® to help you organically build a more active lifestyle.

It does this by holding you accountable for the fitness goals you've set for

yourself each week. Whenever you fail to meet these weekly goals, you're penalized a financial amount (which you set yourself).

80% of these penalties are donated to a charity.

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This is our very first version. We're looking for brave Fitbit users to try out the concept and give us some feedback. The whole premise is to treat fitness as its own reward and encourage people to make it a natural part of their lifestyle.
I really like the idea! Have upvoted and shared on my social media giving my friends two choices: fit or fat yet charitable :) Are you going to add more charities to choose from at a later stage?
@aneta_duszynska absolutely! We plan to add a few in a future version. Users get to vote on which charity to donate to.
@aneta_duszynska @joanyanw If I fail to meet the fitness goals, it should donate to charities I DON'T want to give to (otherwise, what's the point?) :-)
@aneta_duszynska @dotmanish The point is that the money does some good. Giving to a charity you don't like is an ineffective way to leverage the money for the greater good of society. There are all kinds of charity organizations out there. You run the risk of donating to a charity that champions questionable causes with your approach.
@aneta_duszynska @dotmanish But I appreciate the candid feedback. :)
This is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable next to the Fitbit challenges you can participate in.
I'm all for self-commitment devices, I use
@dustying Oh yea, Beeminder is very similar. We simply focus on fitness. Hopefully, it makes things leaner as far as user experience.
This is brilliant.