An incredibly thin case you'll actually leave on your phone.

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How is this different from Peel. Seems like you just purchased thin iPhone cases from alibaba in bulk and put up a landing page.
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@arasheedphoto +1, @martinsitar1 how does it compare to Peel?
@arasheedphoto lol that's what I thought too Adam, just in case anyone is curious: cost is $0.75 each
@nicholassheriff @arasheedphoto Hey Nicholas, great find! If you take a close look Layr is quite a bit different than the Aliexpress case. It offers protection around the camera with a raised bevel, and the bottom is perfectly molded around the plug, speaker, and audio jack offering extra protection. The Aliexpress case is lacking these features.
@arasheedphoto Hey! I've never used a Peel case but they look great. We strive to deliver a quality case that looks fantastic, doesn't break the bank and adds zero bulk to your phone. In that sense it is comparable to Peel. We also take pride in shipping all of our products from Canada and providing free shipping across North America. Thanks!
@arasheedphoto I bought 2 peel both broke ... peel product are really bad quality
Does it offer any protection if you drop your phone? Looks great by the way
@marccrouch Hey Marc. Layr is meant to protect your phone mainly from dings, scratches and light drops. It offers more protection than no case at all, and does not compromise on the look & feel. You literally forget the case is there at all.
@martinsitar1 fair enough. Hope it comes to UK shores at some point!
Would love to see some protection testimonials. Sure it's thin and pretty, but how well does it protect your phone?
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Do you have plans for the iPhone 7 Plus?
@gmgrimley Hey! Not at this time but hopefully in the future!