Layovers — Flight 024 MRU

The news, the startups and the tech defining air travel

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I've never heard of this podcast before. I really like the premise (reminds me of @rafat's Skift podcast @papadimitriou would love for you to give some additional info on what a potential listener could expect to hear. =)
@alexcartaz thank you! We talk air travel geekery: the major global industry trends that affect air travel (this week: airline food), the current debates (low cost is the UberX of air travel, Emirates the UberBlack), the useful apps and startups that are active in the space. Plus fun or quirky stories (airlines that weigh you before you board?). We invite guests, airline industry, non-industry entrepreneurs (how do you travel?) and, now that we're starting to get better this podcasting thing: founders who are active in the space (see my AirTech PH collection for examples of startups we're tracking). We are both frequent flyers and air travel nerds. We made our conversations public, basically. Two buddies chatting. I hope you'll like the format. We started shipping our podcast a few days after I came up with the idea—and are still learning about this podcast distro thing (so thank you for this PH vertical!!). Any feedback welcome and whoever wants to be a guest, let @cubedweller and myself now.
@papadimitriou @alexcartaz I'd echo what Paul says entirely and just add that we love hearing from anybody and everybody about their experiences, ideas, nightmares, and victories from across the air travel spectrum!