Show Layer

Dribbble for full stack developers by LayerCI

"Show Layer" is Dribbble for full stack developers!
The Layer Showcase lets you spin up instances of full-stack software to try it before installing it.
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Hi Product Hunt Community! I'm one of the makers of LayerCI + Show Layer. Thanks to @marckohlbrugge for hunting us! We created LayerCI, our core product, to make it easier for Product managers, developers and designers to do end-to-end code reviews (test user stories) instantly, using staging servers per commit and a full suite CI/CD tool. Show Layer is a free forever community that leverages the LayerCI staging server feature to make it easy for open source projects to get feedback, test their apps and allows anyone to test with dummy data. Think of it as "Dribbble for full stack projects". We recommend developers, freelancers, etc. to try it out for free! To participate: 1) send your github OSS project link to OR 2) submit a project yourself through Thank you for checking us out! - Lyn, COO of
Looks great! Good luck.
@richard56468124 Thanks Richard! Appreciate your support :)
Great launch!
@scottgo24325629 Thanks, Scott! :)
Nice platform.
@stevendixonn Thanks Steven! We appreciate the support :)
I love this!
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@gavri_birnbaum Thanks Gabriel! We're glad you like it :)