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Messaging, built for developers - now for web and desktop

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Roy Bahat
Roy Bahat@roybahat · Head, Bloomberg Beta
Every app a messaging app, now without the worries. I particularly appreciate this since I've been meaning to try some web implementations. #proudinvestor
Tomaž Štolfa
Tomaž ŠtolfaMaker@tomazstolfa
@roybahat thanks for all your support. We promise to make life even easier for all web developers out there with our upcoming JS SDK and web UI Kit.
Dimo Trifonov
Dimo TrifonovHiring@denull · Founder of @feeld
Incredible teams build incredible products. Always looking forward to Layer's newsletter :))
Alexander Christie
Alexander Christie@byteofbits · Founder @
Been using this in beta for a couple of months now. Great team and a great product! Happy to see that it's finally live :)
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
can we see a working demo anywhere of it?
Stevie Case
Stevie CaseMaker@killcreek · Growth @ Layer
@_jacksmith our customer Udacity launched team chat for their nanodegree programs using the Layer Client API (plus our iOS and Android SDKs), and that's a great place to see it in the wild. You can read more about what they built and how in a post from Dhruv Parthasarathy (@dhruvp), Udacity Product Engineer, here:
Sam Sperling is
Sam Sperling is@talentwired · Founder @ NestApart & Nest.AI
Pricing ? Making that more clear will help. Looks really interesting will check it out for an ecommerce app
Drew Moxon
Drew MoxonMaker@moxon · Product, Facebook Messenger
@talentwired Layer is a service priced on monthly authenticated users, and since this API is used to build clients (just like the JS SDK will be), it's an included tool with any Layer plan.