Automated window management for Mac ✨

#2 Product of the DayJuly 08, 2017

A window management tool :

· Auto Layout

· Workspace Setup

· Window control

· Desktop control

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What are the advantages over e.g. Spactacle?
@csaba_kissi Guessing that you can set default layouts for each app.
@csaba_kissi LayAuto is automatically with out mouse click or key press.
@antscript Thank you for the answer
@csaba_kissi Just try it 😎
I liked the idea, but it doesn't seem to work for me on my Macbook Pro 15 2017. I had to open it twice for it to show me the instructions to activate it in the accessibility menu, and after that when I open it, it doesn't do anything.
@cataplines same here, 2015 MacBook Pro 15
@cataplines @aletocar thanks for your report the issue , I will check it right now.
@cataplines @aletocar @antscript I had the same issue, MBP with Touch - 2016
@cataplines @aletocar @kees_romkes Hi guys, I find a issue when Separate Spaces disabled, can you enable this setting and try again ( System Preferences -> Mission Control -> ☑️ Displays have separate Spaces ) , I will release a new version to fix it later. Thanks.
@cataplines @kees_romkes @antscript I have Separate Spaces enabled and it's not working.
I like this kind of tool. Checking it out now.
Rember your window! :-P
@cublu yes, remember your window 😁 😂
I downloaded it, setup the privacy settings, but it doesn't open. Any way to debug?
@aletocar can you help me to test new beta version ?
@antscript of course! Sent you an email. Good luck!
@aletocar Sent it to you ! Thanks !