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Raad Ahmed ⚔MakerHiring@r44d · Founder/CEO, LawTrades
Hi guys, Glad to be on PH again! We love providing seamless legal services through messaging platforms, so Slack was of course the next logical progression. Just tell the bot what you need and we’ll loop in a vetted startup attorney to help you out. Add it once, and forever have a legal assistant that will take care of your company’s legal work without leaving Slack. Excited to get your thoughts and thanks for having us on here again! PS- today's our Demo Day with 500 Startups :)
David Nelson@davidjnels · Bots @ HubSpot, previously Motion AI
I'm a huge LawTrades fan, so I'm excited to see them expanding to other communication mediums. I was introduced to the SMS-based service via Product Hunt and we've used them for lots of startup law tasks over the last several months. Looking forward to bringing them into our Slack workflow.
Raad Ahmed ⚔MakerHiring@r44d · Founder/CEO, LawTrades
@davidjnels thanks David! Excited to have you try out the next phase :)
Alex KolodkinHiring@alexkolodkin · CEO, Set Scouter
Great to see LawTrades on PH! They made my legal process really easy — like seriously, incredibly easy. The team was super helpful too, their support is amazing. I've been recommending it to anyone who asks me for a referral to a lawyer. Keep on crushing it guys, your product is amazing!
Ashish WaliaMaker@ashishw203 · Co-founder, LawTrades #500Strong
@alexkolodkin Thanks Alex! Appreciate the support. Crush it today!
Raad Ahmed ⚔MakerHiring@r44d · Founder/CEO, LawTrades
@alexkolodkin thanks man!
Rob Caucci@rcaucci · CEO/co-founder at Arteria Network
Big fans of this new integration, and the team's overall efforts to make founders' lives a tad bit easier.
Adam Pittenger@apitt24 · Founder @movedapp
Awesome addition. LawTrades makes things a lot easier on me as a founder.
Ashish WaliaMaker@ashishw203 · Co-founder, LawTrades #500Strong
@apitt24 Thanks - we're very long on messaging. We think this will be a nifty tool for our customers.