Convert your spare change into Bitcoin

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iOS app just went live. I've been beta testing for a few weeks, slick service. Lawnmower watches the transaction history of all linked bank accounts (credit, debit, or otherwise) then rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and converts the difference into bitcoin. Pretty pumped to have my Mom try this out . great use case to start dabbling with some magic internet money.
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What's happening all, I'm one of the guys behind Lawnmower. We're the most passive, lowest-commitment option for getting into bitcoin.
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@pgorsira hey! noticed you guys were using the default cordova splash screen, have you considered using ?
@mikedemarais Oh "default cordova splash screen" do you mean this: ? That definitely shouldn't be showing. We're using the plugin you linked - what device are you using? It's possible we missed your screen size. You should see a black Lawnmower splash.
@mikedemarais Word, I'm seeing our Lawnmower splash screen on the 6+ simulator but I'll give it a spin on a real device tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.
Been passively buying Bitcoin for weeks! Love it.
Great app, just works! Been using it in beta for weeks now :)
Awesome idea! Would there be a way to learn more about your service on Periscope?
@gerrithall Check us out on @claykohut stream for an inside look into Lawnmower :)