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Our project is to assist you summarize everyday readings, mind-boggling legal documents, and insurance policies for free.
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Great job!!๐Ÿ˜Š What are the features in the timeline? Very useful for lawyers and corporate
Thank you @ayush_chandra ! It is quite useful for lawyers and corporate, who process high volume of documents everyday. For the free version, user can input text and summarize it for either general or legal industries. For the premium version on and, the user can upload Word and PDF documents directly no matter the length, and set their own keywords parameters to better capture the topics they look for. If we get enough upvotes and interests, we will implement additional features to this app at <3 Is there any features you'd like to see on this app? :)
Like many people, I do not like to read long-winded articles when its essential meaning can be conveyed in a few sentences. So Lawli summarizer is born! Lawli summarizer is available to summarize general, and mind-boggling legal documents text and insurance policies instantly. If you have a long research report, government official legislation document to capture an overview quickly by uploading the document and setting your own parameters, please also check out the premium version of the app via our website Do you want to know what's actually written in the Mueller report? Try Lawli to gain control over your daily readings. If we have received enough interests in upvotes, we will implement additional functions to the Blockstack app version as well. We'd really appreciate you adding comments on what you'd like us to implement on this app.
Love the idea, but the app is a little slow on mobile.
Thank you @llarmstrong ! We noticed it's a bit slow to load when first opened, and it could be the authentication. We are looking into it. In the meantime, please feel free to use this link as well <3 Please feel free to let us know any feedback on what you'd like to see on the app! :)