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Pretty interesting. Legal tech (my field) is showing a lot of improvement over the past year. Would be interested to see how well they get over security/confidentiality concerns.
I've seen a few of these so far that offer free legal advice/documents/reviews. How do these people intend to make money?
@joshuaoxj I'm guessing that they will move onto a paid model once the beta testing is done.
The "Start Now" link 404s for me :(
@fredkelly I am sorry you got this error message. Please can you tell me what browser you are using so our tech guys can investigate this. Thanks a lot
Attorney (no longer in practice) and former LexisNexis employee here. Good idea. * Probably best as support for a lawyer as not really a good idea for layman to rely entirely on document similarity for guidance. * You need to get some big contract corpora in hand asap. LN and West have them, so do large firm KM. * LN and West both have very mature document summarization and comparison technologies. watch out! ==Currently, Lawgeex only supports residential lease agreements, but we’re working on adding other types of documents.== * Should have learned that before I uploaded doc!
website is down as it seems.
@objective_neo Our site went down for a few minutes this afternoon, but we are back and running.