AI legal assistant can help you incorporate your business.

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I'm the Founder of LawDroid and I'm so excited about this launch! ๐Ÿš€ For over 10 years, I have pursued the mission of expanding access to justice and making legal help affordable for everyone. With LawDroid, we are starting by helping entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses. For far too long the process to launch a business has been riddled with legalese, high attorney fees, uncertainty and stress. LawDroid is an intelligent chatbot that eliminates these barriers by helping businesses incorporate on Facebook Messenger for free. Try out LawDroid and give us an upvote if you support expanding access to justice. Thanks!
What other legal services would you like LawDroid for free?
@lawdroid1 Could this structure be used to provide help to tenants or other communities that usually don't have enough money to access a lawyer when in need?
@misder_james At this point no. The services that LawDroid provides are more form driven.
Thanks for posting to PH. I'm happy to field questions around the product/services.
@lawdroid1 looks great, what's the payment flow for extra services? Are payments made directly from the bot?
@lorismaz Thanks for checking it out and really appreciate the question. Right now the payments are sent manually using square invoices, but the plan is to implement it in the bot once we break 100 orders. Starting lean and gives me a goal to shoot for. :)
Hi Thomas, just tested your bot. A couple of remarks: 1. You incorporate just in California. Are you planning to expand to other states, or just keep it as it is? 2. When your bot asked what type of legal entity you want to incorporate and offered 4 alternatives, I replied "no" and it just continued with the formation of a corp. Maybe you should check this and add more options/answers to your flow? Good luck and have a great launch!
@leanshot Thanks for taking it for a test drive and for the well wishes! 1) I definitely plan to expand to other States, but need to prove business case first in largest market (California). 2) Not sure about that. There's no dialogue about creating different entities. It only creates California corporations. At the beginning, the bot asks questions to make sure what we offer is a good fit for you. I'll take a look at that. Thank you!
If you make a mistake, how do u go back?
@orliesaurus You just re-start the interview. It's pretty short.
@lawdroid1 is there a keyword to do that?