Turn tap water into mineral water with biomimetic technology

LaVie converts tap water to pure, high-quality water in 15 minutes. No filter is needed. Based on a process inspired by nature. It uses a patented UV-A light technology that breaks down the chlorine molecule, releasing powerful free radicals that will destroy bacteria and viruses, pesticides and traces of drugs, taste and odors.

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This is a fantastic product I've seen at CES and supported by their crowdfunding campaign. There is a great story behind this real scientific discovery. At first, I was very skeptical because it looks so low-tech. Yet, it makes a real difference in terms of taste. As for the scientific backing, there is an expert report by CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research. It's the largest governmental research organization in France and the largest fundamental science agency in Europe ==>
@guillaume_ Very nice product! How long did it take you to build a prototype?
@guillaume_ @wimgz We work since about 3 years on the topic, but this particular application + patent is about 6-8 month.
In the Netherlands bottled mineral water doesn't pass the quality checks of our tap water. The tap water is of higher quality. Promoting turning tap water into bottled water doesn't work for me. So I don't see a use for this in places were water quality is already very good. UV lights like this product will destroy some of the gaseous chlorine in the water, but only a small portion. The rest will have to be removed via other means such as a carbon filter. Without it you will probably still taste the chlorine. But if you have a carbon filter, you probably don't need this lamp in the first place.
Dope product 🚬🚬 If your 2.0 version can turn tap water into La Croix. You have yourself a πŸ¦„.
Does this technology remove pps and inorganic minerals?
Great job !! We need this technology in our country !! 😊