The UK's on-demand laundry & dry cleaning service

Laundryheap is one of the UK's fastest on-demand laundry & dry cleaning service. Free pick-up & delivery within 24 hours, 7 days per week.

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Saw these guys raising money on Seedrs (UK equity crowdfunding website) and thought it was pretty cool. I know of Laundrapp in London but hadn't heard of too many players in this (pretty bland) space. Will try 'em out if I'm in a rush!
@walsh_ldn looks like a great service. Just checked my own postcode and my area not covered yet, but is something I would use when it is.
Great job !! 😊
Prices like those quoted are one of the reasons why we moved from London to Toronto. I pay $1.20 a shirt laundered and ironed over here.
@andreasduess Also very different cities with different opportunities. Wouldn't move from London to Toronto myself but can understand why others might.
@walsh_ldn for sure. For us, after 17 years in London, it was time to move on.