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Hey product hunters! First I need to give a shout out to David Cohen for hunting us. Thanks so much, David! To give you some more details... LaunchTeam is a marketing platform for authors. It was founded by myself, and my longtime friend, Simon Bogdanowicz. It combines communication tools (think Facebook Groups on steroids) with curated partner resources designed to supercharge your launch efforts. It's your home base for crafting your book and building buzz as you prepare for launch. The biggest misconception about book publishing is that the publisher will market your book. That's not true. Spreading the word is up to you, whether you self-publish or not. The best way to get the ball rolling is to cultivate a group of early adopters. As a two-time #1 bestselling author on Amazon, I learned this the hard way. We created LaunchTeam to make it easier for everyone else.
Also wanted to mention that the hunt link above takes you to our video series. If you just want to check out our homepage, that's here:
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