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Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
Checked out the site. Explains a lot more what Launchorb is than "A way station for content creators to embed media content." That tagline actually made me say "What??" Nonetheless, still signed up. Nice looking site. Way too wordy for us content creators tho. I'd try to make some clear and simple icons / graphics that convey the same thing. I had to read the sections because they were so long. Congrats 👏 on the launch tho! @josh_odigie
Josh OdigieHunter@josh_odigie · Founder & CEO @ Orb One inc.
@anodigital Thanks for the awesome feedback, we'll be updating the page gradually as we make progress on the app. The 'way-station' tagline is fairly new and allows us to breakdown what our core functionality is. Launchorb will also house a multi-media media embed portal that showcases premium content embedded from popular streaming platforms for free.
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
@josh_odigie 🤔 premium content for free is confusing to me. I get what you are saying, but it sounds like "paid content for free." Either way, excited to see how this evolves. When does the next round beta open up?
Josh OdigieHunter@josh_odigie · Founder & CEO @ Orb One inc.
@anodigital Again, you've made a fantastic point! I'll be running it by the team today, in reality we'll be developing the work of trending content creators that embed their work on our platform to 'premium' standards so they gain a larger following and bring more of their fans to our app. The next beta should begin later this year, all early sign ups will receive exclusive invites by email.
Josh OdigieHunter@josh_odigie · Founder & CEO @ Orb One inc.
Hi guys here's a little bit about the upcoming app! Launchorb aims to be a new user and social-media powered premium entertainment platform, all its services will be free and it will gather the best and most relevant online media content (i.e. music, video, images, apps, posts and podcasts) in a neat interface and base them on the visitors preferences. It’s basically an embedded online multimedia collection area that sifts through new user-generated media online and outs the most trendy on its ‘Play Center’. It also has its own ‘content development’ division to help stimulate the platform and create original programming.