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Hi everyone, I'm the cofounder and CEO at LaunchKey. My sincerest thank you to everyone taking the time to view our latest offering, LaunchKey White Label. We started LaunchKey almost 3 years ago to evolve security beyond the password era. For businesses, we know it can be hard to send users to 3rd-party solutions which is why we're so excited about LaunchKey White Label. Now, the same multi-factor authentication and real-time authorization businesses can obtain from users through LaunchKey Mobile can come directly from within a businesses own branded mobile app through a drop-in SDK that can be customized to match their app! My team has been working our tails off on this solution, and we can't wait to hear your feedback. I welcome your question!
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I love this product. I've used it for a bit, and it works great. I just wish I had more apps I could integrate it into. Congrats guys!
@jeremywoertink "Want to Sale" ;)
@jeremywoertink Thanks Jeremy, that means a ton coming from a guy like you. Now let's go make your wish come true...
Now that we all have mobile devices in our pockets, these guys are taking authentication to a whole new level. If you have an app, it's definitely worth checking these guys out!
@thorpus Thanks Justin, and we totally agree. We believe the world has reached a critical mass of mobile app adoption and it's now time to use these powerful tools in every purse and pocket. With LaunchKey, we're transforming every mobile device into a powerful set of keys, and with LaunchKey White Label, now every mobile app can be a user's own key -- we think that's pretty powerful!
Looks promising and a good way to enhance security access to a backend like WordPress Admin. The pricing looks cool too !
@jpvalery Thanks JP! We do indeed have a free WordPress plugin that utilizes our OAuth provider. We'll also be releasing a direct native WordPress implementation in the future.
@geoffsanders I've seen that :p What do you mean by direct native WordPress implementation in the future ?
@jpvalery So right now, our WP plugin forwards you to our OAuth provider for you to log in there before forwarding you back to your blog. This is a common flow you're probably familiar with things like "Log in with Facebook" and other services that also use OAuth. In the future, you'll be able to use LaunchKey directly within the WP login page, meaning you'll stay on the WP login page and won't be forwarded anywhere.
@jpvalery Agreed! One of the counterintuitive aspects of LaunchKey is that you actually get *more* security through an *easier* (and sexier) user experience.
Great product ! I think I will be using it whenever we launch a mobile app.
@ahaseeba Hasseb, thank you so much, and super excited to work with an innovative company like BitAccess in the future. If you need any help getting a mobile app off the ground, we can provide you with the framework to do so on any platform: iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.