LaunchCode 2.0

Launch apps & shortcuts with 3D touch

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@samaljamal what are the big updates here? How have you seen adoption since the first version was released? Do people use their notification centre enough to warrant needing a shortcut? I;m pretty picky with the number of apps on my phone and not sure (for my use-case) that I'd need shortcuts
@bentossell Hi Ben. We're really excited about Version 2.0 You can now launch actions using 3D Touch for iPhone 6s & 6s Plus. Press firmly on LaunchCode icon to choose a shortcut to instantly launch apps or actions (call contact, send prefilled message, email, directions to nearest Starbucks, etc.). You can select up to 4 shortcuts to add to your Quick Actions. We have received a lot of feedback during the last few weeks to support more apps and we're happy to say that we've added two hundred more apps to bring the total of supported apps to more than 3000++. We also changed the Schedule feature for your shortcuts. This feature is a LOT more than a reminder to do tasks, it actually does the task for you! Set the schedule to call a friend, send a tweet, post on Facebook, send IM, etc. You can specify how often to repeat the task. Once it's time you'll get an alert and if you press OK, then LaunchCode will perform that task for you... nothing else to do. So now you can launch apps/actions with gestures from inside the app; launch them from Today's widget (even without unlocking your phone); or launch them by pressing on LaunchCode icon using 3D Touch if you have iPhone 6s or 6s PLUS. You really don't need to scroll around looking for apps you use daily, or keep sending the same IM, facetime a friend, email, go to, search a copied text on Google anymore; just let LaunchCode perform these tasks for you. Please let us know what you think and what other features you'd like to see in LaunchCode? We're striving to make this all-in-one app that streamline your daily tasks. Thanks again Ben and wish you all Happy New Year.