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One of the first things I read in the morning and one of the last things I read before bed. ps.. if viewing on web, you can listen to it as well (thanks SpokenLayer)... save it for a car ride home.
@jtriest thanks pal... this all started as a the "PDB" for me -- as in the "presidential daily briefing!" In two years it's grown to about 750 paid subscribers and it has a 1.25 full-time curators/researchers on it. Hoping to push through to 1,000 and then 1,250 paid subs and hire a second full-time editor this year. what could be better?
I've been a huge fan of the Launch Ticker for a while now! They curate high-quality news and reveal the most important facts about the pieces in just a few sentences.
@_DanFriedman Thanks Dan for being a longtime reader and LAUNCH Ticker supporter.
Love Launch Ticker. Read the emails pretty religiously. Then they put up a paywall. Totally respect that (especially as someone in the media business.) Just not in a position where I can pay for that content. I get that for investors or people who having that kind of news is an asset to their business that it's a different story. I'm just not the audience as a general consumer.
@thorpus Just gave you a 30-day trial for our website content.
Curated, short-form news that gets right to the point. I'm a fan.
@toddg777 Thanks Todd, we curate 40-60 stories per day to help our readers breeze through tech and startup news in 5-10 min.
@jason Besides @rrhoover's ProductHunt, the Ticker is the only news source I read every day. @thorpus I justify paying the monthly cost just based on the amount of time it saves me - rather than thinking about paying for curated content, I'm paying for the time I've saved myself . The content that @andrwlee and team curate and produce is bite-sized and in a couple minutes I feel confident that I haven't missed any important tech news. Just wish they had @Buffer integration ;-)