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Remote work community at Remote Clan
Love the fact that this shows relevant information in a nice, clean UI! Wish we had this open for all products a couple of days back when we launched :(
Serial Entrepreneur, Singapore
Thank you for making this! congrats on the launch
Maker,CPO,Go/JS Developer
Cool, will for sure use this nice new feature as soon I launch https://www.boardengine.io and https://www.itrecruiter.io on PH :-)
CEO @ Quuu.co
Yay, this was my suggestion :-)
Maker of upvote-bell.com
Cool, maybe add sound when some stat is updated, it would be useful :) This feature kill my project πŸ˜‚
Getting busy with Trimmy!
Nice one! I am about a month or so away from launching https://isthisbigenough.com on PH. This will come in handy πŸ‘
Keep hustling!
Can't wait to try it when we launch https://www.elasticroute.com/ in September!
Well that's made our coming up launch day a whole lot easier :)
Building instatus.com
Very kewl :D Why not integrate it as the default maker view on launch day?
Growth at UserGuiding.
This is awesome! Great job PH team. I'll add it to our popular blog post: https://blog.userguiding.com/how...
Helping Makers Look Better πŸ‘•
Great way to empower makers with valuable data! Awesome work team πŸ™Œ
Thank you for building this. Can't wait to use it on our first PH launch. Great suggestion @Daniel.
This is an awesome extension of Product Hunt. Great job!
Community at Product Hunt
Looks clean with the necessary information. Quick thought: Would it be nice if you give users to customize what they want to see on the dashboard? Curious to see what other projects you guys shipped πŸ™‚ Also waiting for who won the internal makers fest πŸ™Œ
Founder, Ness Labs
This is GREAT. Excited to use it for my next project!
Building AdeptSchool.com
This looks very neat, thank you for putting this together :)
Product, Buffer
Great timing! We'll be using this on Tuesday at Buffer :)
Building Brand @ProductPersonHQ
Really cool idea @ PH team. Will try it out with next launch for sure. I enjoy the simplicity of it so far. Maybe add a few more useful data points in the future. Maybe something like (just spitballing here) "click-through rate" for how many people visit the product page on PH vs how many people visit the your download link. That would be cool πŸ‘
Founder, AcquireBase 🌱
Awesome πŸ‘Œ Will use it for Whobal launch next week.