Launch Clock

Set a launch date for your startup and stick to it

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Really love this idea. Thinking of putting it on our TV in the office.
@yarcom Yeah, that was actually the original intent. Don't be surprised if you see some Chromecast supported added in the future.
If you couple this with Chrome New Tab redirect, it's a nice way to have it ever-present. I hooked mine up like this, now each time I pop a new tab I see my deadline. Love it.
@aub Nice! I was actually going to build an extension to do that for you, and select the project you want to display, but this will work in the meantime!
@ryanhefner @aub Right after I saw this post I immediately did that with the same extension! Scrolled down and saw someone else thought it was a good idea as well!
This small app lets you set a launch date so that you can try to ship on time.
This is great and timely!
@lekanb Thanks! I hope it works well for you.
Hi, I'm Ryan, and I made this simple service to keep me focused on the projects that I start. I hope others will find it valuable, too. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback you'd like to share.
@ryanhefner Good luck, sounds like a good service for deadlines in general. and sticking to them :)
@yoavush Thanks! Yeah, I'm looking forward to a productive, and hopefully not stressful, 2015!!