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Thanks for the hunt @mbavio! This year I've created and launched 8 projects and businesses with a couple more along the way. Not everything I create makes money, but they've all gone towards the goal of helping me achieve the lifestyle I want. As makers I think that's what we really want. So I've been thinking about a way to help people not only launch their own ideas successfully, but also stop wasting time on things that won't have an impact on them or their audience. Launch Clique is a product in a community or a community in a product. I'm not quite sure how to define it because the experience isn't something I've seen before. Launch Clique has different modules that walk you through certain steps of launching a product. Along the way you have the community monitoring your progress so your story is automatically being shared. You will never have to worry about what to do next because Launch Clique will tell you. When it comes time to launch you'll have the community ready to boost your launch because you've included them in your journey. I decided to launch Launch Clique with The Challenge because as product owners we know you need to eat your own dog food. So I'll use this business community product launch thing myself to see if I can come up with an idea, launch it, and have 10 paying customers in 7 days. If not then everyone gets their money back and still has access to Launch Clique.
The idea seems to be much more than a "we help you test your market" product. The community aspect throws a curve ball. It is going to be exciting to see how this group of founders interplay with each other - do I see a part service / part social experiment? Regardless, this is much needed and something I know I will benefit from joining.
@scrivs does it again! This time he puts on risk his own earnings in order to prove that delivering is harder than you think. I'm gonna stay tuned on how this goes for sure...