Launch Center Pro 2.6

Customizable quick actions for iPhone 6s

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I’m so excited to add Quick Actions to Launch Center Pro today. While you can just launch an app, Launch Center Pro has always been about launching actions. And I think it’s a huge confirmation of our use-case that Apple added very similar functionality at the system level. While in some ways it negates the need for Launch Center Pro, it actually makes the app far more powerful in other ways. With Launch Center Pro in your dock (or on your home screen), you’ll have quick access to 4 of your most used actions. I’ll be getting my iPhone 6s in a few hours, and the first 4 Quick Actions I’m going to try are: message my wife, unlock my office door (via IFTTT and a SmartThings hub), a receipt action that takes a photo and puts it in a specific folder in Dropbox, and a Giphy GIF search that give me a link to or copies the GIF to my clipboard. I use those actions a ton and can’t wait to have such quick access to them right from my dock.
Cool to see Launch Center Pro supporting Quick Actions. Great update @drbarnard – added it to my Apps for iPhone 6s collection ( Let me know if there's any other apps with 3D touch support that should be on that list.
@drbarnard -- thanks so much for the update, I'm a huge fan of Launch Center Pro. My favorite hack is to combine it with macros I've created in @WorkflowHQ. Look forward to trying out the new update.
The quick actions look really cool! The force touches on icons is the only reason I want one. Very cool use of them!
Bought this app when it launched a few years ago but never really used it. Think it might be useful to me now with the quick actions and notification widget.