Launch Boks

Monthly subscription box gathering epic geek & gamer gear!

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Hello, My name is Tarek Lopez. I am one of the makers of Launch Boks. Although there are a lot of cool subscription boxes out there, we guarantee epic gear month after month. Launch Boks has exclusive access to the biggest names in the game and collectible industry and offers a licensed official amazing t-shirt in every "boks", we give you the highest vale and want to blow your mind month after month with amazing stuff. We are based in Barcelona, Spain and our team has more than 30 years of experience in the collectible world, we offer exclusive international vintage products that are practically impossible to get. Hope you enjoy opening the "boks" as much as we enjoy making it for you.
@tarek_lopez Hi Tarek! I love me some collectables! What makes Launch boks different from the many other 'geek' in a box services such as 1up or Lootcrate? Those two services (Lootcrate especially) have it pretty locked down. Lootcrate pricing is also cheaper and their experience and connections would be hard to beat. What makes your service more 'exclusive' than the others? From your site it looks like basically the same idea with far less to offer with a higher price tag.
@rhdarian Hi Darniak, Im so glad you asked this question! Our companies cycle buy actual product licenses and manufacture. We have exclusive access to the newest trends in the market, you will always get the latest. Moreover, our long history in this market got us a huge collection of one of a kind vintage products from the 90´s we guarantee will blow your mind every month. The value we give in each box is unique. I agree Loot Crate is the biggest name in this line of products and they are doing a great job creating a big community but, Launch Boks is based in Europe, Barcelona, Spain. Our first objective is to get to the european market which we feel got a little left out, although we ship worldwide. I hope you can give us a chance to show you our value in our next shipment, and again, thank you for the interest.
@tarek_lopez Thanks for the great explanation. You're right about European market getting lifted out a lot when it comes to more US based business models. It's nice to see them getting some nice geek content now, especially the 90's stuff. I am a little jealous actually. It would be awesome if you had a package option for only legit 90's merchandise. I would pay the extra conversation for that kind of thing for sure. That is definitely a unique perk that you should have plastered in BIG BOLD LETTERS!