The 9-year-old secret community of makers, relaunching today

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Hey everyone, we've also written a blog post telling the backstory of this community that @jon started 9 years ago. The Secret Community of 20 Kids That Spawned 5 YC Founders, A Theil Fellow, & Dozens of Startups: http://needwant.com/p/secret-com...
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@jon @marshal Just signed up! Hopefully get accepted! :-D
That's funny. I remember 17 in 2006 and trying to get emancipated to start my company. Life took a detour though. Wish I had a community like this
@marshal I signed up for the mailing list and now will *never have to make my bed again* - fyi: it takes you back to the SmartBedding site as that's probably the default for that MailChimp account.
@jon @marshal Awesome! This is much better than an April fools joke. :)
@jon @marshal signed up (not young but my avatar will help...) yay!
I've been part of #Launch for the past few months (my face even made the site!), and it's a great community. I definitely recommend applying. The quality of the original #Launch group is insane. I've met a good number of them, and it's like a mini startup mafia. (Here's a list: http://cl.ly/image/3F3j3k0b0C0r)
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@gkoberger Agreed, I've been a lurker for a while and it's an encouraging community, ready and willing to help others learn and succeed in launching.
I've had the privilege of being a longtime member of #Launch and through it I've expanded my network to include some amazing people from all over the world. Launch is filled with people from all walks of life, locations, experience levels, interests, and skills that are ready and willing to help all that join. If you have a desire to launch something in your life whether it is a product, business, career or skill set then I highly recommend applying to join the #Launch community.
Good luck, y'all. Communities are hard. 😎
I've been fortunate enough to be a part of the #Launch team since well into its first incarnation. It's great to see how what began as a small chat room for a bunch of friends become a thriving community for like minded individuals from all aspects of work and geographics.