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Hey guys, I'm the Founder and CEO of I started the company because I love comedy but didn't have a good way to listen to comedy while I was commuting or road-tripping. I tried to listen to comedy on my beloved Spotify and Pandora subscriptions, but those apps are really just designed for music so I couldn't dig as deep as I wanted. I tried to listen to comedy on my Sirius XM description, but I didn't have control over what I listened to. Thusly, was born. We offer access to thousands of albums from hundreds of comedians. You can search by comedian, by album name or just topic. Listening is totally free and our ad-free subscription is also an option. I look forward to all of you giving this a try and telling me what you think!
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Woohoo finally launched! Been looking forward to checking this out :) What's the story here? (If you can tell it comically that would be preferred) Lots of people have been dubbing this 'Pandora for comedy'
@bentossell No longer do you have to listen to Trump conspiracy theories or stories of Olympians getting robbed in Rio. No longer do you need to listen to Beyonce's Lemonade on repeat while your girlfriend gives you a mean side eye. Yes, America, your wishes have been fulfilled. You now have a way to stream comedy on demand. Listen to over 400 comedians and thousands of hours of content. Go forth and laugh.
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Really great app that has had me laughing since the beta. Highly recommend.
@ccarella Thanks! We have big plans, so if you have ideas as the product evolves, you can send them to or ping us on Twitter :)
Can comedians submit work or apply to be searchable and/or featured on
@im_mimijae Hi Evelyn, yes in the next few months, we will offer a self-publishing model to allow budding comedians (like myself) to publish right into our system. The beauty of a service like this is that anyone can have a joke right alongside Kevin Hart or Louis CK.
Shouldn't this be a "standup bot" instead of an app? I crack myself up. Lol.
@joshkerr Pretty good idea for a bot actually, maybe some part of our onboarding can be a bot to easily get an idea of your comedy style. Or how loud you laugh to certain jokes that helps us curate recommendations? Endless possibilities.
@joshkerr We are working on the sex, err I mean, stand-up as we speak. This is deep in our bed-, I mean, research facilities.