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I recently found out about Laughable and it seems like a great idea! If you have a commute, are bored, like comedy, but have traditionally had a hard time easily finding stuff to listen to this could be the app for you. It makes it really easy to find interviews with and stand up from your favorite comedians. I'm excited to see where this goes!
@alexcartaz I see it in the screenshots.... @annakfaris Anna Is Unqualified... genuinely one of the podcasts I listen to on the reg h/t @simsarna
@bentossell @annakfaris @simsarna the episode with Keegan Michael Key had me crying I was laughing so hard =)
@alexcartaz @bentossell @annakfaris @simsarna Just put this episode on our main 'Discover' page if other people want to listen. Another particularly good one is w/ @annakfaris, @simsarna, and Jason Mantzoukas.
Hey now! This is Ned — I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Laughable. Stuart, Aaron, and I would love for you to check out our iPhone app, which makes it easier than ever to discover new podcasts and comedians. Our artist profiles allow you to see the podcasts a certain comedian has been on as either a host or a guest, all in one place — along with links to their social media pages. The upshot: you get exposure to podcasts and comedians you otherwise would never know existed. We’ve assembled these profiles for thousands of not only comedians, but also other public figures; you can find actors (like Matt Damon), journalists (like Katie Couric), and other fascinating personalities (like Neil deGrasse Tyson, David Sedaris, and Weird Al). We hope you get countless hours of joy and entertainment out of Laughable — and find a few new comics to love. We’d recommend you start with Mark Normand, Joe List, and Liza Treyger, if you aren’t already aware of how funny they are. For more information on our long-term ambitions — which extend well beyond podcasts — please go here: And for my thoughts on the future of comedy and podcasting, please go here: Thanks for reading, Ned
Congrats guys! App looks very slick.