2017's fastest growing private SaaS companies

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Over 1000+ B2B SaaS CEO's share how much they grew revenue by in 2017 (Dec 16 ARR vs Dec 17 ARR).

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Hey Hunters! Over the past 30 months or so, I've interviewed over 1000 B2B SaaS CEO’s and asked them to share datapoint like: - ARR (Annual recurring revenue) - CAC (customer acquisition cost - fully weighted) - ARPU (average revenue per user per month) - LTV (lifetime value) - Churn (Logo and Revenue) - Payback period (w/ gross margin multiplier included) I published some of these interviews on my podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs but many of you started asking for a way to “search” the episodes by metrics like: - Growth - Company age - Industry - Revenue So Charlie and I decided to build a tool that tags all of the data, puts it in a big spreadsheet at, and allows you to search. Today, we’re publishing this report which compares Dec 2016 ARR with Dec 2017 ARR to measure growth rates of these public B2B SaaS companies. In the report, you can choose to look at growth rates by company size (so smaller companies don’t monopolize rankings, $1 to $2 is 100% growth!): - More than $100k in ARR - More than $1m in ARR - More than $10m in ARR Additionally if you click on a company you are curious about, you’ll see full company page with unit economics, revenue per employee, and other unique metrics. Here’s the key: All the data points are clickable. When you click them, we’ll jump to the part of the recorded interview where the CEO revealed that data point so you know its coming straight from them. No other data source was used in the creation of this report other than the CEO’s mouth, and then a followup email we sent to all the CEO’s confirming the ARR (Screenshot above).
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@nathanlatka @nathanlatka You might want to reconfigure your Intercom settings... it's sort of spammy (e.g. I got the message "just spoke with bootstrapped CEO consider a raise or sale (hes doing $12m+ in ARR)."... not sure why you'd want to push that in a chat message, but it dissuades me from signing up).
@mike_seekwell weird.. where/what screen did you see that on?
@nathanlatka By the way, signed up anyway to hear the interview with Looker's CEO. You're great at this man, keep it up. It's incredible you're able to get these interviews and the level of transparency you pull out.

For those who listen to Nathan's podcasts, you'll have a daily dose of what's happening with in the SaaS world across geographies. For founders who aren't based out of US, information of these kinds helps to benchmark your growth.


Hard to impossible to get your hands on a data of this kind.



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Thanks Vinoth - did you start with the podcast or the database?
Required signup just to take a look... :(
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@daviswbaer i changed my mind here - going to remove this signup alltogether. give me a bit to update code!
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@daviswbaer the signup pop-up has been removed. everyone can view the entire report now without having to put in name and email.
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@daviswbaer @nathanlatka Doesn't seem to be the case — did you reintroduce the sign-in requirement?
@daviswbaer @thecoppinger nope. you can see this report without setting up a username. once you dive deeper into the database (company pages for example), then you'll have to create a username.

Latka's interviews are great. I learn so much from these interviews and the perspective on Saas industry.


Completely Unique data source with voice of CEO embedded


Want more editorial content

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Thanks Aaron!

As a founder when you're going thru' the lows, some of these metrics are good a good motivator. Great work!!


Single source for a lot of relevant data


nothing much

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