I've interviewed over 1000 CEO's for my podcast The Top Entreprenuers where I get revenue data, customer counts, and more from SaaS CEO's. This product makes all that audio data available in spreadsheet form.

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Thanks @hnshah for hunting! It took about 4,200 hours and 2+ years of podcast interviews with over 1000 CEO’s to ultimately get all this data together. I have to get the CEO’s number, then convince them to share data, then record, edit, and produce the show. Then I have a very clever way of pulling the verbal data into spreadsheet form which resulted in this database product. This database is not (and and never will be) Pitchbook, CB Insights, Mattermark, Owler, HG Data, PrivCo, Crunchbase and others who all do great jobs at many things like: 1. Scraping unstructured data from deep corners of the internet 2. Covering to some degree huge numbers of companies 3. Spinning up big teams overseas to manually hunt down data 4. Extrapolating, guessing at data by cross referencing many sources (I have one source only, audio data from my podcast call w/ CEO) 5. Crowdsourcing data from public These are my goals for the database: 1. Only Benchmarking tool with full coverage of B2B SaaS companies and all their data (revenue, churn, yoy growth, +21 other data points) 2. Used by startup founders, exited CEO’s, M&A firms, boutique family offices, private equity firms, VC’s, Angel investors, board advisors. 3. This database will only focus on business to business software as a service SaaS companies. 4. This database’s will only have one data source: Me calling CEO’s for my show and asking them for this data personally. It takes lots of convincing as you can imagine. I will add 1-2 new companies each day. 5. This database will go deep (99% coverage of B2B SaaS) not wide (will never have more than 10,000 companies total sourced. I can’t make that many phone calls!) Unless someone beats me to setting up podcast calls with these 5-8k B2B SaaS CEO’s, my hope is that this will be the only database with 100% coverage of B2B SaaS with the most complete, and accurate dataset on each company. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the dataset and our plans! I’ll be in the comments all day chatting with you guys. To get myself in the mood, I’ve surrounded myself with statues of cats, and have cat memes playing in literally every open browser window. Thanks @rrhoover. Meow :P PS: Would love to buy any of you coffee if I happen to be in your city to show you the roadmap for this bad boy in person! SF/Palo Alto August 22nd-23rd 2017 Washington DC 9/2-9/3 NYC 9/4-9/6 San Diego, September 22nd-24th
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@nathanlatka Congrats Nathan. I knew you would come up with a database like this and it 😄 was nicely done. I love the way you integrated podcasts too into the application. For feedback, I got couple things. 1. Was hesitant in giving out the phone number, as I listen to your podcast already gave it out anyway. I will back out if it's a new company to me. 2. I didn't know that I could click on each record which would result in more data and interview with the CEO of the company. I figured this accidentally by doing a click instead of a scroll. Thanks for the wonderful podcasts, super useful. I have built a book recommendation platform www.founderbooks.com out of your podcast data. Cheers!
@ram_rayavarapu 1. roger that. I need to figure out how to help folks feel better about phone. thanks for listenign to show! 2. good point. @cmartinjr just made whole row clickable so should be easier thanks for that book resource too! very cool!
@ram_rayavarapu @nathanlatka Thanks for the feedback! I will add a hover state to each row to make it more obvious that you can click them.
@nathanlatka @cmartinjr That would be nice desktop users, I suspect that would not address the mobile users. I will get back if a better solution cross my mind.
@cmartinjr @nathanlatka Thanks Nathan. I wish I'm in those cities you're touring, I would be thrilled to meet you. You're setting the bar high for 28 olds like me, god I love conversations with guys like you.
I stumbled across a SaaS database that included revenue, ARR, MRR, customer counts, and other critical SaaS metrics a few months ago and found it so valuable I featured it in my weekly newsletter (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) At that point, there were about 50 companies in the database. The creator, @NathanLatka, reached out to me saying he was surprised how many views the spreadsheet got and that he was going to double down on the database, 4x the number of companies listed, and move it from an excel sheet into a easy to filter/sort web interface. Anyone can access the new database with 200+ private SaaS companies sharing: Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Last Month Recurring Revenue (MRR) Customer Count Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Lifetime Value (LTV) Logo Churn Revenue Churn Each data set has the audio interview with the CEO attached so you can listen to the CEO share and explain nuances about each piece of data. Nathan collects this data by interviewing CEO’s on one on one calls on his podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs on iTunes which has over 700, 15 minute founder interviews. I wondered why CEO’s gave Nathan this data and he shared that the show has passed 4,000,000 downloads and that CEO’s see impression, trial, and customer spikes when their shows go live. I’m a big fan of a few other business intelligence tools like @Mattermark, @Pitchbook, @Cbinsights, @Owler (there are many others), but they can’t guarantee data accuracy because most use some form of scraping unstructured online data, or large overseas teams that manually comb data whereas Nathan’s only data source is audio files he’s captured from CEO’s via his podcast where you frequently hear CEO’s share things like: “We did $4.5m in ARR last year. Last month we hit $500k in MRR and should finish out this year at a $7m ARR run rate with about 1,500 paying customers.”
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A bit annoying that you have to sign in to continue through the list..
@scotty_bowler Hey Scott, how would you recommend we do this differently? We'd like to be able to learn what you like and needed a free login to do that. Thanks for the feedback!
@nathan_latka Don't get me wrong, the site is fantastic and the data is really valuable.. From my point of view, I wasn't sure what extra value I'd get from signing up, which is why I didn't (and getting people to register is generally a big ask these days!)
@nathan_latka @scotty_bowler totally agree with you. Knowing that we need some identifier of new users to show them more of what they like, what would you recommend we change?
@nathanlatka One suggestion might be to expose the additional functionality and then in order to save their choices they have to register. I wouldn't make any changes based on my opinion though, I'm just one person ;)
@scotty_bowler will watch feedback the rest of the day and make adjustments as we go! PS, just checked out Holly. You're in a tough space! You'll like this data on Later: http://getlatka.com/companies/Q2...
Nice one Nathan. Definitely a level-up from the G Sheet! Some ideas: - Agree with comments below about asking for login. No issues with handing over my email but 1) particularly sensitive about doing it via Google as the data that can be captured from Google authentication (email headers!) is not something I'd do lightly. 2) Had no idea what the extra value I'd get from doing this would be. Suggested approach: obscure one or two of the sexier columns (revenue per employee + team size? - could even randomise this or multivariate test once traffic reaches a certain point). Have some kind of CTA to reveal that data - potentially do this progressively to reveal more columns as you provide more data? - More filtering options. As the database grows it'd be nice to filter by revenue range or team size. - Small UX thing but it'd be nice if the header was sticky. Found myself repeatedly scrolling up and down to see what the columns were. - I didn't realise or expect clicking on the tool would lead to a dedicated landing page. The landing page is actually really cool and presents a 'next step' that would be nice to promote from the main list. Would suggest a CTA either at the end of the row or when hovering over a number a tooltip display a dynamic CTA like "Listen to episode XYZ to hear how [tool] generated $X MRR" - Finally, a bit tricky but would eventually love to see a time dimension to this e.g. growth rate per year. You could probably automatically pull data like team size in from LinkedIn by running a monthly script to look up number of employees and populate a DB. Revenue, MRR etc a lot trickier but if you are able to get that data over time that'd be very cool to compare multiple similar companies over time on a graph. Kind of like Builtwith on steroids. Hope that's useful :-)
@marcusataylor ha! The "G-Sheet"! That was so embarrassing for me to put out.... was a start thought and definitely pre-cursor to this bad boy. Login detail: Love this idea. I struggled to figure out what parts of the data I should require login for. Filtering: Any other filters you really care about? Clicking company: Ah, it's not clear that if you click logo a company page opens? @cmartinjr we should make whole row clickable... or have the row do something to clearly indicate hover state as people scroll over. Curious what ideas you have here. Growth over time: If you click on company page, you should see 2015 revenue and 2016 revenue. Working hard on suggestions you gave. Hoping to team up with @tomblue on team size counts (check out his SaaS 1000 hunt here: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Thank you for feedback sir :)
@cmartinjr @tomblue @nathanlatka G sheet was a cracking example of how MVPs *should* be done. Validated the idea nicely and conveniently meant the data was in a nice format to build something like this. Re. login detail what about something like this? i.e show the top 15-20 rows and then ask for email to unlock full dataset. Or the column approach: The column approach feels a bit less intrusive to me and I think ARPU, Churn, CAC are probably the most interesting. Could maybe give away the full revenue dataset for free and then slightly limit the CEO / economics data which would be a nice balance of being extremely generous with what people can access for free, but also giving enough value that it'd be a no brainer to hand over an email address to get a few extra columns. Filters: If the goal is to see where you stack up against companies in a similar boat to you, I'd say ARPU (possibly categorised into a format like mice-hunters, rabbit hunters, deer hunters, elephant hunters - http://christophjanz.blogspot.co...) as comparing churn/arpu etc between an enterprise tool and a $1/yr saas product is a tad misleading. Also age of company could be fun as you could then see how you're doing for the age of the company. Another fun feature could be a panel showing the average for the column at the top bottom. E.G based on this data, the average churn for these companies is 4.8%. That way you could use the filters to get it as close to your company's traits as possible and see what numbers you could expect. Crazy idea but next step could then be to build an audit/quiz tool that grades the person's company relative to similar companies in this dataset. Getting a bit carried away now ;-)
@cmartinjr @tomblue @marcusataylor 1. Sign up box: Love your first idea where people can still scroll to see company logos but in order to see all data need to sign in! Column approach is tough because different data is more/less valuable to different users (VC vs. Startup CEO vs. PE team) 2. I'm going to start publishing super in depth pieces/takeaways on the blog: http://getlatka.com/blog/QXJ0aWN... Ex: Average churn for <30 person company, with $100k-$10m in revenue that is less than 2 years old is XYZ based off dataset of 200+ 3. You'll have to email me if you'd like to meet the team. I'd love getting you more involved officially with the project. Nathan at nathanlatka dot com (Subject line "Database")
Congrats Nathan, can't wait to see what you do with this in the future. Extremely helpful tool and love how you link to the competitors, to be able to compare easily. Do you plan to aggregate and show the averages maybe on the home page of all the data: example- Average Revenue per Employee? I know it's hard since many are different B2B niches. I know this isn't crunchbase, but I'd love in the future to see updates when companies you've done deep diligence on have been acquired like AdEspresso (great interview) who was acquired by Hootsuite earlier this year. Dude, definitely toss in some Share buttons of any Tweetables from the interviews. Always tons of nuggets that I'd share to potentially drive more traffic back to this tool. Wish you the best! Cheers ~
@mikekawula thanks Mike! Our team is going to start publishing many many research oriented reports from the large/deep dataset we have. Like this one: http://getlatka.com/blog/QXJ0aWN... Is that what you mean?
@nathanlatka Yes, looks great. So important to share this with other founders. I think I shared with you back in 2012 one company I had was ranked #144 on the Inc. 500 and Joe Pulizzi's CMI was ranked #365. Many would assume we were doing better because we were ranked higher. I believe his company spent a total over 3 years of around $40K on marketing (heard him mention that number on a podcast). We were spending $40k Quarterly and only doing $300K more annually. "Revenue" alone isn't valuable. Great job. Good Luck!