This Latitude Chrome Extension enables you to use internet more consciously, with features including:

- a decluttering wand that lets you disable addictive elements on social media sites while retaining the useful elements

- helpful alerts that keep you mindful of time's passing

- options to block social media, news and shopping sites

- a mood tracker that encourages a daily habit of self-reflection

  • Pros: 

    keeps my focused and enables me to effectively reclaim the time I lose to social media


    would love to see this as a phone app

    I have been looking for an extension / app like this for a while to help me better control my time and social media usage-- I've used other time management apps like "self control" and "blacklist", but Latitude exceeds all expectations, completely changing the way I engage with social media. I no longer scroll mindlessly; now, I am more mindful of my time and engagement with content so that my online experience feels more within my control.

    JinJin has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Promotes mindful use of internet, and helps against going down those familiar internet rabbit holes


    None at the moment

    Really like this extension, it's worked very well at keeping me aware of how I'm using my computer and time - especially love the movement and hourly chimes

    Priyanka Kumar has used this product for one month.
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