First iPhone case for universal wireless charging

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I've tried this case myself and it works really well, definitely a trustworthy kickstarter project that will ship on time. Awesome work Bezalel team!
@jmsuth Thanks Jon!
Well it's definitely less unwieldy than that god awful Powermat case for iPhone. Though that's not exactly a high bar ;) At the end of the day, the bigger hurdle to me still seems to be: am I OK with a case on my phone or not? If I am, I'd probably have already gotten the Powermat. Personally I love the feel of an iPhone; any case is too much case for me, so I'll still pass this one up. But I'm glad to see people working on making wireless charging more accessible for the iPhone crowd.
I've been hesitant about jumping on the wireless charging bandwagon because of the previous unwieldiness and barriers to easy usage, but Latitude really alleviates those concerns! I'm very impressed 👌 @frankwu1101 what was the driving force that made you think "I can be the one to solve this problem"?
@katesegrin Our company BEZALEL's vision is to create a wireless charging ecosystem so that the wireless charging can become very easy to use for everyone. Last year, we launched our very first product Prelude, which is the first fully mobile (portable) wireless charger. Prelude not only is the first product that allows everyone to enjoy wireless charging on the go, it also resolves the drawback of slow charging speed that is among all other wireless chargers in the market. And this year, because we want to let iPhone users enjoy the real convenience of wireless charging, we introduce our 2nd product Latitude. Latitude is the first universal iPhone case that is compatible with every type of wireless chargers in the market, so that iPhone users don't need pick a side in the war over competing standards. Moreover, our next product will be long-distance wireless charger, which will bring the convenience of wireless charging to a complete different level.
This looks like a great solution ! Looking forward to try it out one day.....
@dudehere Thanks Steffen!!
Tough to build a business on something Apple will offer soon. @frankwu1101 what do you think your timeline is?
@domjespo To create the wireless charging ecosystem, we also have many of Bezalel's wireless transmitters in many venues all around the world. In the market, different companies ought to have different market shares. Just like in the market of music streaming, Apple music and Shopify have their own shares in the music streaming market. We'll be very happy to see Apple join in wireless charging because this means the rising of the wireless charging industry.