LaTeX Search

A quick lookup for LaTeX code.

If you're new to LaTeX, you're probably spending a while looking up notation.
I'm making that easier to do.
Just describe the symbol you're looking for, and hit enter to copy the LaTeX.
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Hey hunters! I've been working with LaTeX lately. I felt that the process of finding notation for symbols could be simpler, so I made a quick lookup tool. I'll be working with LaTeX for a few months, and will continue to improve upon the tool. I'd ❤️ any feedback, here or on GitHub. Thanks :D Arnav
@itsarnavb Just another very useful tool I found for getting Latex notation (not associated): Detexify lets you just draw a symbol and gives you the code. Maybe you could collaborate and / or integrate sth similar into your app?
@palsch Oh yeah, that's a pretty useful tool! I'll link to it on my page.