Latergramme for Android

Easily and safely schedule your instagram posts

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Hey guys, We launched @latergramme for the web and iOS back in May 2014, since then we've heard non-stop requests to release an Android version so here it is. Lategramme is an easy and safe way to schedule your Instagram posts. What we do is send a notification to your phone at the time you scheduled your posts, from there it's just a swipe and you are into Instagram with the photo and caption ready to post. We built the first version at a hackathon to get around the issue that Instagram does not have a posting API, at least without violating the terms of use. It's been a huge effort from @imackinn @cindychenc @roger_patterson and the rest of the @lategramme team to get this launched. Happy it's finally out so we can get some real feedback.
vancouver represent
@symana All I can say is...FINALLY! Congratulations on making it to the *cough* better *cough* side of mobile.