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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2015
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Arnaud@_arnauds_ · Freelance dev, Ambassador at Wearhacks
Ouch, that sign up form is scary. This is a product for easily distracted people, and it asks them to fill out 5 fields (btw, why do they need my first and last name?). Simplifying it or allowing people to sign up with Facebook or google would have a positive impact on the dropoff rate I think.
Navin KulkarniMaker@navinkulkarni · Achieveee
@_arnauds_ Hey Arnaud. I am one of the maker of Laterbox. You are right, we will simplify the signup with one click social logins. People have shown interest by filling out the entire form till now, but I think it can be done better with your suggestion. We asked your first and last name so that the experience can be made interesting inside. Something like - Wow Arnaud, you are on fire today! All your tasks are done :)
Devendra VermaMaker@verma_devendra · Software Developer, Achieveee
@_arnauds_ hey, now you can signup using facebook. We are working for adding google too.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
I don't want to sign up without seeing what I'm signing up for. I'm disappointed that there weren't screenshots provided at the least
Navin KulkarniMaker@navinkulkarni · Achieveee
@_jacksmith Hey Jack, we want you to sign up :) I urgently baked the screenshots for you. Hope you will try!
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@laterboxapp @navinkulkarni thanks. I appreciate that. I will sign up given your effort!
Navin KulkarniMaker@navinkulkarni · Achieveee
As procrastinators, our brains think of more things to do everyday than our body possibly can :) We made Laterbox for ourselves and launched it after it worked for us! Its a simple web app + chrome extension to 1. Make priority list in the morning 2. Put all other distraction class tasks in Laterbox during the day 3. Analyse how you did in the mail in the evening and stay motivated We went live 15 days ago and still feel very new to product development. Learning everyday with new challenges and awesome feature requests. Let me know if you like it! Open to suggestions and questions. Glad we are here. A lengthier story about us can be found here
Navin KulkarniMaker@navinkulkarni · Achieveee
Yeah, getting the video sorted this weekend :) ThoughtPlan looks good too. I think helping people becoming and staying productive is a huge market and there is space for all :)
Arjun Sarode@rjun07a
How is this any better than writing down all your thoughts in an Evernote notebook? The reminder could be helpful but it would also be really easy to just set a reminder that pings you later in the day. They're still in beta though so maybe they have some plans up their sleeves.
Navin KulkarniMaker@navinkulkarni · Achieveee
@rjun07a Hey Arjun, we created Laterbox for ourselves after using almost all popular task managers and to-do lists. We just could not sustain the habit of using any. We used to start with enthusiasm but all our good intentions would fall apart within a couple of days. The other tools were good but did not work for us. We used Laterbox internally for months and thought that there might be people like us who would want it this way. We launched just 15 days ago and happy with the way people are reacting. There is a 3 step method we follow while using it. 1. Decide what we want to do today 2. Avoid distractions and stay focused during work 3. Analyse how we did and stay motivated. Laterbox is designed in a way that it makes us easy to follow this method. We are working hard on the on-boarding and communication intelligence to encourage procrastinators and help them take baby steps to greatness :) We wrote a short post about the 3 step method few days back. Take a look.
Arjun Sarode@rjun07a
@laterboxapp @navinkulkarni They way you explained Laterbox here is a lot different than what I got from your landing page. From what I now understand, I think you should try to push the point that you're a framework to stay on task and accomplish your goals. The copy on your landing page made me focus on the part of your service that lets me jot down random ideas, when really that's just one of the tools in your service. The screenshots you put up on Medium are great! I'd add them to the landing page soon. Also, your interface's design is lovely.