Late Night Snap Hacks

Trick your friends into thinking you're out getting turnt.

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Request for product: this but for late night photos at the office to indirectly share with our investors πŸ™
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@rrhoover another request: For remote workers who just sit in their apartment but want people to think they are in an exotic country working 😎
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@rrhoover genius. Coming soon.
@rrhoover hahahaha perfect. I'll take that one... It just shows a team of developers coding all night...
Haha cool move from the team behind Casper What made you guys come up with this? apart from keeping everyone snuggled up in their comfy Casper beds of course!
@bentossell I had the same thing. Wow what a great move by the mattress team
this cracks me up
Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I really dislike how the internet already contributes to people "fluffing" up their lives on social media to appear more attractive/rich/etc than they really are and to me this just takes that to even greater heights.
@kevinthecyborg Pretty sure this is just supposed to be fun.