Latch C

The first enterprise smart lock to work with Apple HomeKit.

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Been following Latch for a while, looks like a big move for them!
Beautifully designed product and landing page.
Silly question - being a deadlock one assumes this is an external/outside product. A cursory look of the latch website and I was unable to see any mention of waterproof/weatherproof or IP rating. I'd love it to be IP64 or higher rated.
@a12rj Not a silly question at all Anthony. Actually all of the outside facing parts of the latch products are IP65 rated/weatherproof.
I just bought a smart lock system (although I haven't installed it yet). Is Apple HomeKit integration a big deal for many people?
@rrhoover it wasn't for the Kēvo Smart Lock team and individually it wasn't for me. I'm constantly on my phone and using Siri or any voice command tool to open or close my door seemed to add a bit of friction. I prefer a passive experience. (Disclosure: I was a former employee at Unikey, the company that powered the Kevo by Kwikset). I do have an August on a beach Condo I Airbnb because I can update the keypad code remotely. Why a keypad? Many don't go to the beach with their phone. All these experiences are native and HomeKit doesn't add too much value other than checking the status of your door. Also, Because of auto lock capabilities, IFTTT, and the echo/google home, I rarely use Siri or voice commands for my Lock, but I would for my hue, roomba, etc.