Beautifully designed smart lock with camera

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Their real estate and property management play is brilliant! Would love to see this at a hotel. No more keys to keep track of. Looks really nice.
Amazing product from an awesome team! I've been a huge fan of their approach to the whole product experience and how they go about introducing their products to the market. Go team Latch. Super excited.
I can't get over the attention to detail on Latch's products. Not only are they the most stunning smart locks out there, they work seamlessly every time. After visiting a building with Latch installed I can't wait to use it everywhere. Big fans of the team and product!
The whole set of products and team at Latch are awesome. They’ve built something that solves real problems for large buildings and have focused on designing real solutions rather than just home automation hype.
I love the product and the team! Product: Beyond the novelty of opening a door with your phone, Latch is imagining a world where giving people 'access' is opening up amazing new experiences and allowing them to let people into their lives. A wonderful portrayal here:
Team: I know the team well and their track record is one of relentlessness and industrial design perfection.