The reusable cotton swab

Every year, trillions of single-use plastic products are discarded without a second thought, only to end up in the ocean, harming wildlife. LastSwab is an easy to clean, sanitary and reusable alternative to the cotton swab.
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I was searching for alternatives to plastic in quotidian products and found this amazing idea, so simple, so brilliant, current and regular swabs are actually dangerous you can hurt yourself using them or even lose the cotton inside your ear. Besides are one-single use and beaches are FULL of swab sticks everywhere, good solution, what do you think?
@sarah_quesada Sounds like a good idea for the environment but perhaps there isn't a market for it because who wants to reuse a cotton swab? It's like reusing a facial tissue, gross. Also, a much bigger problem with plastic in the ocean are discarded fishing nets, not plastic straws and q-tips. I understand this isn't cotton or plastic so it's more sanitary to wash, but it also seems very difficult to truly clean and sanitize with the microscopic surface area. Granted, toothbrushes are gross too yet we learn to live with using them over and over again, sometimes for longer than the dentist recommends. Toothpaste helps. Swabs don't use toothpaste. I suppose you could dip the swab in barbicide to clean it. Cotton swab manufacturers could do with shorter sticks made of tough but renewable hemp fibers, and people could stop flushing "flushable" wipes and cotton swabs.
@earlco Hey Earl! super valid! thanks for your comment :) of course perfect is nothing, I agree with you that maybe an eco material for straws could directly improve the product but I'm still thinking this is so brilliant that no one invented before [strange as there was a boom of silicon products], of course I understand you'll need to sterilize it and won't last forever either but same thing with menstrual cup for example, no? everything starts from changing human habits, that's for sure but at least alternatives are ok, also never happened to you when the swab's cotton comes off and remains inside your ear? happened to me once or twice and it's pretty scary to think about going to the hospital for getting that removed from there :S
@sarah_quesada I've never had the cotton part come off without me ripping some of it off for another go. Perhaps we use different brands. I get your point about menstrual cups, I suppose it's just as sanitary as that, or perhaps not depending on how smooth the surface area of the silicone is. I've created one or two technologies that were brilliant but that didn't have a market, or we didn't find it in time. I hope you find yours!
@earlco oh well, actually is not even mine hahah I've just hunted the product but I'm not the maker, I've realised it wasn't on Product Hunt and I loved the idea but I'm not even their marketing strategist. My advice anyway if can help you, sometimes is more about creating the need rather to finding the market, if you believe in your product you need to build the correct "guanxi" [as the chinese call the "network"]
I love this. I might use like 50 swabs per week. I need this!
does this product absorb liquid? like to apply peroxide on a wound? or to dry your ear canal after a shower?
@pc_love_doctor I recommend you to contact them on Twitter and ask them directly because in this case I'm no the maker or have any relationship with them I just hunted the product as I considered the idea was worthy to share!