Last Seen Online

A real-time story told through a messenger app

Hi Product Hunters, Really excited to be on here today and hope you enjoy the app as much as we enjoyed creating it. Last Seen Online is an immersive real-time story experience told through a messenger app. It tells the story of Amy Morris – a 25 year old girl who disappears after a night out with friends. The story is delivered to your phone over 7 days in the form of text, audio, image and video messages. You can read her entire chat history between her friends and family and then start receiving messages in real-time as they realise she never made it home. If you like storytelling + tech, we're sure you'll love this. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. It's just 79p/99c for this week only on the App Store. (Android coming soon). Thanks!
Awesome storytelling concept. Totally gripping!
@inthescript Thanks Mulenga, hope you enjoy it!