Lasso Content Curation

Become an information ninja. Stop losing the info you need.

Lasso believes that human curated content far exceeds that produced by algorithms. Lasso empowers people to collect and share the best content on the web. Everything collected is private by default. You can easily share with individuals, teams, friends or followers.

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have been checking this out in beta. Lasso is especially impressive for saving groups of content that you want to compare with each other.
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@devahaz Thanks. Lasso supports several ways to view your collections including a spreadsheet view. In this view, you can compare and even update your saved content.
I would love to get more feedback and questions from you in the community. Here are a few things to consider. 1) Lasso supports an integration with Slack. We are an approved Slack app. 2) Our mobiles apps are coming in the new few weeks. 3) Lasso wants to be the safe place that people save the resources most important to them. You shouldn't have to have 50 browser tabs open at all times.
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@aaron_sperling Well i only have 30 open at the same time but okay. :-0
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@aaron_sperling "safe place" This looks amazing. But I've been burned by 3rd party bookmarking tools before. How can I know that I won't lose the knowledge that I put into this tool? Is there really nice exporting or an option to also bookmark the links?
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@kaitlynhanrahan I understand. We will soon have both import and export of saved items. What do you mean by bookmark the links? We have a browser extension and a plus button within the application to save links.
@aaron_sperling cool. I guess I meant if I could set it up to also add each link to my browser's bookmarks under a lasso folder when I add a link to lasso. Just some type of duplication. And for me, bookmarks are what I do now, so bookmarks would be ideal. But a nice exporting feature satisfies my fear that I could put effort into adding knowledge into this tool and then it disappear.
@kaitlynhanrahan Interesting. We have that kind of capabilities with Slack. You can link a Lasso team to a Slack account. Lasso collections are created for each slack channel. Links are synchronized as added to Lasso or Slack. Unfortunately browser bookmarks don't support that. Though, you can add a link to a Lasso collection to your browser bookmarks.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
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Not much into content marketing but i see the pain you guys are solving. Will also bounce it off to few friends who are actively doing content writing. P.S: I am sure you guys are tracking companies actively hiring for content writers as they are the ones who are anyways spending money on content and most likely be keen on adopting it in their process. Have few more thoughts around it, all the best :)
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@nitinbajaj1423 Thanks. That would be great. Yes, we have some content writers as active users and plan to demonstrate our value proposition to more of them.
@aaron_sperling great lets switch to email then and take this forward. whats ur email id, will send my thoughts in detail .
@nitinbajaj1423 sounds good. asperlingbiz @ gmail
Hi fellas and Bravo! Lasso looks amazing! Great job and I think you've come up with a killer approach! You feel my pain. I have to get this. Anyone bookmarking good content will be able to leverage it much better. #contentmarketing #research #writing