On Lasso, users can record themselves dancing and lip-syncing to music, similar to what they can do on TikTok. Facebook told The Verge: “Lasso is a new standalone app for short-form, entertaining videos"

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Was this quietly launched in the hopes that people wouldn't point out that it's a blatant clone of Tiktok? How is this acceptable and just unmentioned in our community? Why is this in any way acceptable? Gross business practice that is a regular Facebook routine at this point.
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@sdw so fucked up that this is a normalized behavior.
@sdw It's interesting how it's becoming one of Facebook trademarks. It's a sad fact for startups in this area : if you enter their territory with a creative new app, you're gonna get zucked. On the other hand Instagram Stories did proved it's an excellent practice, outside of moral concerns.
I still miss Mindie, a precursor to Musically, TikTok, and now Lasso. Curious to see how people respond to Facebook's latest app. Most are skeptical but people shouldn't underestimate their reach even though previous apps (like Poke, Lifestage, and Bonfire) haven't worked out. Let's take some predictions: Will Lasso still be around in 12 months. Reply with your thoughts. 😃
@rrhoover No. - it has already got 500 million active users(including Douyin in China) - Chinese investors have deep pockets - Short form content is already huge in China, so better product sense - FB is copy pasting the features. Might snatch some consumers but won't be able to kill it. Just like I believe Snapchat is here to stay and probably the only force which can defeat Facebook.
@rrhoover Yeah I agree. FB is still very big. So we should not rashly underestimate. But I think the problem in Entertain-Tech (🙃?) industry(including utilities)is really full! Fundamentally speaking, the "device" is still being almost the same (still two-dimensional touch sreen+camera+some weak AR, internally)! So people's "usage-pattern or flow" is the same! Therefore "demands" is also the same. Especially for in case of the image/photo-social network is. (think how old Instagram is!) So maybe their remained strategy is/was, "copycat." That's a core reason why Giant always copying the hit concept I think. So so I'd like to wait for the totally new ecosystem via "Glass" or something new personal device experience. At this point in time I'd recommend the old theory of Vilém Flusser! anyway :)
@rrhoover @avneesh_sharma Facebook doesn't have to kill it. Just as Facebook Stories isn't going to kill Snapchat completely (just the stock 😝). Great artists steal, and they just need to steal it with a twist to ensure their own continued dominance. Outside China, for now.
facebook is desperate need to find more places to advertise on. Anything that has ppl attention, they have the money to develop a clone better than the original then monetize. the perfect business plan from the evil genius!
You should add TikTok as the maker of this clone.